After having raised €993 000 last year, BetterWealth has now received €645 000 from the Skåne investors Anders Petersson and Mikael Hägg. The investment should be seen as part of a larger round as the FinTech startup plans to raise more capital in a year.

“We will shift up marketing and put ourselves on the map, refine the business and develop the company. We are satisfied with the investment round as the strategy was that we would keep it small, and chose not to go out on a broad front. Despite this, there was a great interest in the issue as many people today are interested in Fintech. The digital development is exciting and attracts people to invest”, says Johan Steneudde, Head of Relations, to Rapidus.

BetterWealth’s aim is to make online investments easier and more accessible. The startup conducts digital investment advice aimed at both individuals and companies together with a team of experts. In the future, the company will invest in broadening its customer base and entering the pension and insurance area.

“We must be sharp in what we do, and have a sharp product that is scalable and we compete with the big banks. We want people to switch to our service and show that we are the fresh alternative”, Johan Steneudde continues.

BetterWealth sees itself as an alternative that provides more diversified savings where the saver has more options to choose from when it comes to choosing assets.

“We point to more alternatives and to lower risk as well. The investment products have a steady stream of customers to us and more people are opening their eyes to both us and digital investment advice in general”, says Johan Steneudde.