Mapillary, the crowdsourced street view startup, has announced that they have received an investment of € 1.3 M ($ 1.5 M) lead by Sequoia.

“We just closed a $1.5M seed round led by Sequoia. Also participating in the seed round are some great funds, Playfair, Wellington, and LDV Capital, and a number of prominent angel investors.”

– the startup writes on it’s blogg. This is an impressive list of investors, and the first external investment in the company. Being run by known serial entrepreneurs Jan-Erik Solem (former Polar Rose) and Peter Neubauer (Neo Technologies), the team behind it has the track record and the vision required.

“With this we are set for growth. Our team will grow, our service and tools for the community will improve. We will make bold attempts at claiming a spot as an independent player in a space dominated by giants. We firmly believe in this vision and our new investors do too.”

The rest of the short blogpost reads. The team has already achieved great success, currently having over 6.5 million photos uploaded to their service, which in total cover over 200 000 000 meters of roads, pathways and bicycle lanes being able to be seen digitally. Even if a long way to go for being as comprehensive as Google Streetview, they already cover places where Google has not been.

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