Sydsvenskans 8till5 reports about a new startup in the take away sector, which is launched as Even if the name is similar to Danish, the concept differs quite i a bit – instead of the normal focus on pizza, sushi or other fast-food, aims to only deliver the highest possible class of food for home-delivery.

Renowned restaurants sign up

The team has already started strong, and added prized restaurants such as Årstiderna in Malmö, RåEpok in Lund and Gastro in Helsingborg, which even has a special 3 course menu for the home-delivery service.

“Quite a lot are doing food-delivery online, such as OnlinePizza, Aptit and many more. However, we focus on customers these services to not target and on restaurants that do not like these services. A high class restaurant such as Gastro does not want to be on OnlinePizza, instead they have other needs. We specialise in meeting those needs.” says Marcus Gullin to 8till5.

The team consists of 12 people with office in Lund and Stockholm, but will establish itself in Copenhagen early next year as well.

You can read more in the article over at 8till5.