Queue-it continues their success by reaching more then one billion users who have accessed their online queue system. The startup, building on an online queueing system for managing website overload during extreme user peaks, has grown rapidly, having surpassed 500 millions users a little over a year ago.

“I am very proud of the success we have achieved, and reaching one billion users makes me very happy. It actually means that we have a solution that creates value for a lot of people” said CEO and Co-Founder, Niels Henrik Sodemann.

Many global IT companies are the startups customer, including Tickets.com, Dixons Carphone, Lilly Pulitzer, and Censosud.

Helped by Black Friday

The startup sees a clear increase in demand for their service from special occasions.

“More and more sales move online, and unique online shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday pop up all over the world. This means that extreme online end-user peaks become more common. Thus, it is only natural that our clients want to secure a good end-user experience and service together with their profits when they have high traffic on their websites.”

According to Niels Henrik, Queue-it creates online fairness on transactional websites.

“To us, online fairness means that end-users experience a fair treatment when visiting different websites. That is what we want to achieve.”

Queue-it is offered as a Software-as-a-Service and serves to offload users that exceed site capacity limits to a queue system until they are automatically redirected back to the website they wanted to visit. The solution protects the website against failure and long response times. The end-users are placed in a queue according to the principle ‘first come first served’, and are informed about their individual status at all times. This way, the user experience becomes both transparent and fair.