Startup Sprinkle, which has a service for websites and blogs that helps finding other relevant articles and results in better monetization, has revealed that they have received a lead investor, Spintop Ventures in a round of € 1.1 million.


Sprinkle currently consists of a 13 people team, and its service is giving 155 million recommendations to 4.5 million unique visitors each week. They have also just started up in Norway where they have signed their first costumers.

“It is fantastic to see the response we get from our customers. We started just over a year ago, and now we have over 100 publishers signed with a fantastic 1% churn rate.” says Johan Unger, co-founder.

“We are very happy to see that big, content focused brands such as Red Bull, Disney and Gymgrossisten have started to use our services.”

They report that they have managed to get Gymgrossisten a x4 return in ad spend with their service and a great campaign.

“This is what we want to encourage more brands to do, we see a huge difference in campaign results when their content is entertaining, informative and up-to-date.”

It’s an interesting product, that you will see on this site soon as well – and with promising results to show so far. Sprinkle also has a new version of widgets in progress, that has resulted in even better numbers in trials.

The lead investor in the round will be Spintop Ventures, a Nordic investment company. Spintop has said they will invest in 15 Nordic tech companies from the newly launched Spintop II fund.