The startup 123hjemmeside, which operates in 24 countries so far under brands such as (US) or (DE), has shared with them their yearly earnings numbers for 2012, and together with that their ambitious plans to grow even more international.

The company has said that they have started to perfect their user acquisition costs online, being able to accurately forecast new users depending on marketing efforts.

“We stepped up the speed during 2012 and now in 2013 we start to see that the business is growing as expected. Already in 2014 there will be a positive result from the large number of customers that we have seen sign-up in the recent quarters,” says Morten Elk, CEO

The startup got in november 2012 an investment of €1.7M from Kaare Danielsen, founder of the successful, with the purpose of growing internationally. A plan that has been going very good so far.

“We’ve added six new countries in May and will open three in the coming months, so we are coming up on 24 countries in total. We expect that these new markets increase the growth rate to over 30 percent in the rest of 2013,” says Morten Elk.

The company has released some of their main numbers for 2012 to us, something that is appreciated by us and gives revealing facts about their business. Besides the income and EBIT they also reveal part of their user aquisition cost: Morten says that at the current trend, with their average retention-rate of 3 years of a costumer, their spending on adwords is only one third of the lifetime value per costumer.

The main numbers of 123hjemmeside (global operations) for 2012 where the following: