Musikparlamentet arranged their music innovation competition for the fourth consecutive year. This year the theme for the competition was ”From composer to consumer in new ways”. The final took place at the Spot Festival in Aarhus earlier this week – and Malmö based Tunaspot won!

”To tell you the truth, I was happy just that we made the final, there were a lot of other good contributions in the competition. I might have made a funny noice of surprise when they announced Tunaspot as the winner. We take it as proof that we are on the right track and that we will conquer the world with our soon to be released mobile app.” – Says Erik Stenberg, co-founder at Tunaspot.

“In a sense this is an Öresund prize, even though the prize cermony was in Aarhus. I mean that we are a Swedish startup from Malmö that wins a Danish prize. Most of the music industry in Scandinavia is located in the capitals, but at the same time, most of the international companies have the same branch for Scandinavia. It makes much more sense for us to talk to the Danish office a lot of the time.”

Tunaspot is a music discovery platform, specializing in location based music – filtering music by location. This way they want to enable users to discover music that works best for a particular location or activity. Since they’re launch in December 2012 they have gotten a good amount of attention.

“Beside the honour of being Denmarks most innovative music startup 2013, we won 50.000 DKK. We have not had the time to talk about what to do with the money. Maybe through a release party for our mobile app. But then again, there are always holes to put money in, it is the life of a startup.” – Erik continues

The other finalists were Audiomatter and Music Geek.

Audiomatter is working with interactive music publications. There are trying to find a format for artists to publish their work which allows me as a consumer to not only consume the music passively, but actually to cocreate with the artist.

Music Geek is a new type of music quiz that you can play with your friends.

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