Uniti, one of the most written about startups from Sweden, aimed to develop the car of the future. A small electric vehicle, made for car-sharing and modern urban lifestyles. An ambition that got global attention, to the startup that started it’s life in the small city of Lund.

We have followed the story over the years, and already in 2017 at the start of their journey we made an interview with Uniti founder Lewis Horne. There he amongst other talked about the need to “Don’t be afraid to be different”. And normal is certainly not how Uniti was.

If you want to get an insight what happened, read the article that Swedish magazine Filter recently posted: magasinetfilter.se/granskning/uniti/. It is in Swedish, but a long and good crafted article that follows what happened the different years, with the intro: “The worlds most innovative, modern and sustainable car company is Swedish. It has no engineers, no factory and causes no pollutions. How is that possible?”

After a period of silence lately from Uniti and it’s founder, the company has now filed for bankruptcy. Lewis Horne has set up a Youtube channel, where he said he will answer questions relating to what happened, and how a startup that was so hyped could fail.

You can follow the channel here, where Lewis has said he will answer questions: www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3oJV0QGcjw