Do you want to know how to create or keep up growth of online business at home? Go visit Nordic Growth Hackers on January 25th.

Who is coming

5 important speakers will show up at the event sharing their successful experiences:

Also, 100 managers and developers from the digital growth business will exchange their concrete experiences of creating growth with digital tools. With them, investors and others interested in digital growth will be there. Check the video from the last event.

What is it about

The event will be all about Growth Hacks – a concept particularly relevant for, when the goal is rapid growth at their early phase. Growth hacking is the process which utilize all the factors including marketing, product pricing model to create rapid and sustainable growth. If you want to get insights into growth hacking and how to apply them for your company, then come!

The event will be hosted by Simplesite, a Danish company who help people get their websites very easily. See more information about the event at Nordic Growth Hacks.

When: Wednesday January 25th, 17.00 to 21.00.
Where: At the Founders House, Njalsgade 19D, 1 fl, 2300 København S.