THINK incubator starts the THINK accelerator program

The first lean startup accelerator program in the region has been launched! On the 3rd of February, the Helsingborg- based THINK announced through Twitter that a new accelerator model is replacing the traditional incubator model. It’s official! We’re launching a new accelerator program! #malmostartups #helsingborg — THINK (@THINK_HBG) February 3, 2015 Because of global […]

Startup Spotlight: Digital Car Selling in Sweden

Online Car Sales Helsingborg based startup Bilprospekt is gaining recognition. Developed by Viktor Silfverström, Andrée Heino, Jakob Werner and Niklas Silfverström, Bilprospekt aims to digitise car sales. The developers recognise the way s in which the current car sale industry is rather outdated; in terms of sale methods as well as communication with the customers. The […]

Lean startup incubator announced

THINK, the startup incubator, last week announced they are official positioning as the first public lean startup incubator in Sweden. “For some years now lean startup has been a steadily rising movement, and it has been accepted that it is not just a new buzzword, but rather a systematic approach to building scalable companies. A […]

Updated: The year of 2013 – investments in startups in the region

We wrote an update earlier this year, about investments during the first two quarters of 2013. Now it has come to make a summary of the fall as well, and thus the entire 2013. Above is a spreadsheet with all the investments that we have gotten to our attention during 2013. Disclaimer: There are, most […]

Simplifying online car dealership: interview with Andrée Heino of is Helsingborg-based company founded in 2012 that offers assistance with online car dealership. has a number of tools that help to analyze dealerships, customers, markets and car brands and models in a very simple way. The service and idea behind it are rather new so to find out more about we had […]