Awake, a Malmö-based startup, that operates in the surfboard industry,  has introduced its first electrified wakeboard in early August, Rävik, which allows you to surf with no help of wind, waves or powerboats.

This is not the team’s first electric wakeboard however: Philip Werner, who founded Awake, used to work at Radinn, who already demoed their first electric wakeboard in 2014. Co-founders Mikael Kajbring and Daniel Aronsson also have background from Radinn.

At the moment the wakeboard costs around €19 000, and Awake has already received orders for 7 boards for private individuals and they are negotiating with suppliers for an order of 15 boards. According to the startup’s plan, the production will increase to 250 boards in 2019.

“We are only planning to manufacture 30 boards until the winter to ensure the quality and delivery times as we build the production line at our factory in Limhamn,” says Philip Werner to Rapidus.

Awake’s board is twice as expensive as Radinn’s, but its advantages include lower weight and higher speed. While Werner does not see Radinn as the main competitor, he mentions Jetsurf, a Czech company, that is focusing on producing gas-powered wakeboards.

Awake’s aim is to become the world’s leading manufacturer of electric surfboards by 2020.

Source: Rapidus.