The Copenhagen-based startup Tame was founded in 2016, and it provides software that simplifies event planners’ work. It is a unique and 100% digital product that has tons of features to customize the best software for each customer.

Today you get a chance to read about Tame’s newly appointed Chief Revenue Officer, Jonas Gundersen. Jonas has background as a professional gamer and poker player, as well as extensive business experience within tech startups.

Hello, Jonas! Happy to have you here. Congratulations on your new position! Are you excited about the new arrangement with Tame? 
It’s fantastic to join up with a group of such talented entrepreneurs. Really pumped up about the journey we have begun together.
Tell us briefly about your previous professional experience. Have you worked with startups before?
I’ve built up revenue and scaled sales as the first hire twice before. First I was in Graduateland where I spent 2 great years growing up to 25 employees and good traction in all Nordic markets. Recently I spent an amazing 3.5 years in Famly, growing to 35 employees with revenue in multiple international markets as well. In between, I founded my own startup and gained a ton of valuable experience.
Tell us more about the startup you have founded. Which industry does it work in?
Aftercloud was a service, that helped relatives shut down and save content from social media profiles when their loved ones passed away.
How do you feel gaming and business intertwine? Where do you feel you have advantage because of your gaming experience? 
Gaming and business have a lot of super interesting similarities, but the one I can highlight the most is the problem-solving mindset. Gaming is packed with tons of in-game combat followed by hours of studying and analyzing previously played games to spot flaws and optimize performance – something that is the very core of especially tech startups with their lean methodologies. Also, I played team games only, so leadership and collaboration were vital to success.
How did the cooperation between Tame and you happen? Were you previously acquainted with Tame’s staff?
I knew Jasenko [CEO, co-founder] vaguely beforehand but the rest of the team I actually haven’t come across before. Initially, I noticed the product because of the beautiful design and execution. When I met with the team for the first time, it was very clear that we were a spot on fit together. Everything moved very quickly from there.
What makes Tame special? Tell us about the workplace atmosphere.
Tame is special because of the people there. It starts with a great founder team, who truly dares to dream big and bold but at the same time has a genuine belief and trust in other people to come in and do great things. The culture we have here is empowering and autonomous and designed to bring in heavy hitters with experience that can come in and completely own areas – something I deeply believe in.
What is the future like for Tame, in your opinion? 
We are aiming to become one of the many great hyper growth stories of the Nordics, hopefully, all the way up to the biggest unicorn leagues. Obviously, the road there is filled with many obstacles and complex things we need to solve and it’s no easy task, but definitely not an impossible one. At the end of the day, it comes down to two things for me. Number one is having an initial product offering the market desires that you can build tons of value on top of. The second one is perhaps the biggest for me: people. It’s all about getting the best and most inspiring people on board. As long as we remember that we are building a company for great people to come and thrive, while keeping a ruthless focus on empowerment, accountability, and autonomy, then I am sure we’ll end up with a journey we can all be very proud of.