It was a full house at Media Evolution City last Thursday at Internet Discovery Day with 40 companies exhibiting, and around 120 entrepreneurs, investors and other visitors in attendance.
Erik Starck with The Frank Family have collated photos and the full list of exhibitors here.

So what happened there? A lot! While there wasn’t enough time to see and talk to everyone, there was a great range of companies with unique ideas, at various stages. From those just getting their plans down on the brown paper to others scaling up stage and fully operational, it was a lot of activity and exchange of ideas, and great for mingling.

    Lots of ideas to watch, and here is just a small sample of those on show:
  • Enjoy Sweden: search portal and multimedia platform is a handy site for local and international tourists with domestic travel advice, planning accommodation and activities. Available online and coming to mobile app, users join, find and share info, videos and instagram pictures about tourist attractions across the whole of Sweden.
  • SettleBox: not another ratings systems for classifieds. Settlebox collects ratings from places like Tradera and PayPal, filter spammers, and help you get what you want. List ‘My ads’, your ‘Want list’ and reviews get posted under your ‘Reputation’ to get to know the people you’re interacting with when buying and selling.
  • Mazily: dating service based around pop culture, film, art and music events and common interests. A freemium service that works with Facebook sign up and facebook events, it’s main hubs right now are Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and they’re eager to spread the word through users and friends, so it’s a social idea that grows.
  • Glimworks: Find food and order online, for eat-in, take-away and home delivery. This is a convenient and clever way to browse a range of menus from local restaurants, for event catering or dinner with friends. Glimworks is operating already in Lund, with expansion planned.
  • Tiny Vineyards: Nice personalisation idea to customise your wine, from selecting the grapes from the Spanish vineyard, creating the custom bottle design and vintage, and come harvest time your own vintage of wine is ready! Getting ready for next January when the grapes start growing – something special for individuals or businesses, look out for the website coming soon as this gets going.
  • Mail Hawk: managing email with sensitive information, verifies the identity of the receiver, giving assurance to the sender that the information (personal or classified) gets to the person it should.
  • Brandprox: Merge with your brands – an advertising alternative – BrandProx does profiling and lets you brand your facebook profile picture with corporate logos, in exchange for discounts orrewards when you interact with those brands in your daily purchases. A way for brands to reach customers through social networks, and for users to showing their preferences to friends. Also launching soon!
  • Broomker: A simple, neat room booking system with tablet display units for lease or purchase to manage conference rooms, from Lund company in unified communications Adjusoft.
  • Bummerang: to map Education pathways through the Nordic’s education systems. The idea is to put in your ‘dream job’ and see what sort of education can take to get there. Launching soon, it’ll works through facebook with yours and your friends work histories and education histories.
  • World Academy: Like the MOOC concept, World Academy (looking for a new name) in the education space was an idea presented for an online platform linking teachers online, with students who want an education in a specific topic
  • Nerdy By Nerds: Jeans for Nerds from the ShopFactory, which captures design, production and sale in one space in this life style store. For self-confessed nerds, the idea isn’t just jeans, it’s a clan concept. The webshop is ready now, and come Autumn 2013, the ShopFactory itself will open in Malmö.
  • Contentor: translators for content, translation services and SEO content for webpages and e-commerce. Contetor is scaling up and have recently welcomed Rebecca Brodd into their core team.
  • PackBud: Backloading portal in Sweden and across the Nordic region, this is fully operational and the team aim to make transportation easier, safer and more environmentally friendly.
  • PingPal:cloud based platform for positioning and maps, for mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Web. It’s designed for finding people while offline, on locally stored maps in real time using 2G network coverage. It works with custom maps and services, and doesn’t drain your battery.
  • And last but most importantly: Crowdser took Best in Show, the award presented by Johan Jörgensen, for thier crowdsourcing sales company. Crowdser works as a virtual working space to connects entrepreneurs and business owners with an online community of skilled sales professionals and vice versa. Their platform lets employers put their products in the marketplace, and gets experts to sell them. Check out how it works, find projects and start selling.
  • A nice first event for IDD to come Malmö! Next Internet Day with .SE at the Stockholm Waterfront November 25-26, 2013

    Pic: Johan Jörgensen presents Best in Show to Alexander Zolotarevski, courtesy of Erik Starck