A game-changing week for the region

This week has seen some truly big announcements for this regions gaming scene. The biggest, was Unity’s announcement that is raised € 165 milions – and it thus became a “unicorn”, valuing the company at over 1 billion USD. This is a big milestone for the entire region, having a startup from here that has […]

Updated: The year of 2013 – investments in startups in the region

We wrote an update earlier this year, about investments during the first two quarters of 2013. Now it has come to make a summary of the fall as well, and thus the entire 2013. Above is a spreadsheet with all the investments that we have gotten to our attention during 2013. Disclaimer: There are, most […]

Øresund Startups: Top50 and state of the region

Today I held a short lunch seminar on the subject of the most prominent startups in the region. The seminar was held because I was asked to do it, and when I thought about it I realized would be interesting to do. So I did, even if it was with a limited amount of preparations […]

Spread the word! GameAnalytics is now free!

Copenhagen startup GameAnalytics founder and CEO Morten E. Wulff, has announced on their blog that the GameAnalytics service for data-driven game development is now 100% free. They’re aiming to democratise game improvement. Launched 8 months ago, GameAnalytics mission is to empower developers and nurture a culture of creativity with the analytical within game companies. In […]

Updated! Report: investments in web and tech startups in the region – spring 2013

Updated 24-07-2013! After the publication of this we got feedback of more investments that we hadn’t tracked! We have now updated the stats with those numbers. If more information comes to us, we will update them again! One of the things we want to focus on with Øresund Startups is tracking funding in startups in […]

GameAnalytics receives €1.7M investment

GameAnalytics received a 1.7M (Eur) investment from Sunstone and Tommy Ahlers in cooperation with Jimmy Maymann and Michael Arrington. The Danish start-up provides a tool that helps game developers to collect and analyse data about gaming behaviour. Data analysis of gaming behaviour is then used to gain unique insights and to further develop the games […]